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Foel Studio Sign

Foel Studio is a UK based residential recording studio running both Pro Tools HD and the best of classic analogue gear.

Foel is one of the UK's oldest residential studios and has a rich history which you can explore in our archives. With one of the finest analogue desks, a range of classic microphones and outboard equipment in combination with Pro Tools HD 3, this provides the very best in audio quality with the flexibility of digital technology. Along with the self-contained modern residential facilities, this makes Foel one of the most cost effective recording studios in the UK. Explore our site to see pictures of all aspects of the studio and read through our extensive history!

History of a Residential Recording Studio

We are located in the UK, in the idyllic Welsh countryside, about 15 miles from the Mid-Wales Border town of Welshpool. Situated on the side of a beautiful secluded valley and comprise of the recording studio itself and two residential cottages.

Established in 1974, it has progressed from humble 8-track beginnings to the current combination of classic analogue equipment and a state of the art digital ProTools HD 3 Accel system.

Due to a combination of the studio's unique recording history, beautiful residential location and aesthetics, clients are provided with a relaxed, thoughtful and creative atmosphere to work in. Built by musicians, for musicians.

Photographs by Billy Morris Site designed by Henry Nurdin